About Nancy

A little bit about Nancy aka Vision Dancer

Nancy had her Intuitive Spiritual Awakening in 1988. This inspired her to Create Mind Mapping & Dream Boards for personal use. In 1990 attended Unity Church in Everett, WA. This was a Defining Moment when Rev. Robert Egan taught the 4T Prosperity Program that inspired her to become an independent travel agent.  She went on to study the Doctor of Divinity Women’s Studies Practicum at the American Institute of Holistic Health, Mind-Body-Spirit.

When she began seeing auras of light around people in 12-Step Groups. Then she began having dreams and visions of events that had not happened yet in real time. She became a ferocious reader on Spirituality and Intuition. Dr Christiane Northrup would become her mentor in Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom for Health.

One day when she was pregnant with her second son, a neighbor, Victoria, walked over to her in their 16 x 16 cabin off the grid on 5-acre tracts. She told Nancy about her near-death experience. She described in detail how beautiful it was and that she didn’t want to come back. Her boyfriend was giving her CPR whilst saying, “Victoria come back to me!” She survived and came back to tell her that she was Bulimic and had a potassium leak and needed to take supplements. Sadly, one day Nancy followed an Ambulance to Victorias home and she was met by Jarin, her boyfriend who was crying, “Victoria stopped taking the supplements and now she’s gone. I couldn’t bring her back Nancy!” This was another defining moment because Nancy saw her friend on the gurney and was shocked to see how thin she was. Karen Carpenter died from a potassium leak too. They were both perfectionists and felt they needed to live up to other people’s expectations.

She went on in 2000, to expand in Women’s studies and created the Women’s Room, a Holistic Health, and Counseling Practice for Women and Group Healing Circles. 

Helping women to envision their dreams, she developed the Catch Your Dreams Events in 2004, where women came together and learned how to create their own Vision or Dream Boards, both locally and online and continues to do so.

For the full experience, together with “Miracle Myra” Merkal, Nancy co-created retreats across North America called the “You Are a Powerful Woman!” and since 2002, she has been offering Women’s Retreats on Baby Island, Orcas Island and Hawaii Wild Spinner Dolphin & Humpback Whale Encounters.

She began offering educational experiences thereafter, such as The Prosperity Playground, Metaphysical Healing, and the Relationship Mastery Program.

Nancy is the author of “The Power of Sexy Relationships ~ Stories from the Heart to Live Your Passions and Embrace Your Purpose” and produced “Catch Your Dreams the Movie,” a Documentary Trailer.

Her second book was written in 7 days – 50,000 words based on her Metaphysical Miracles which has not been published yet.

She also has a degree in Environmental Horticulture Degree from Lake Washington Vocational Institute in 1987 – 1989.

Nancy has and continues to offer many courses:

Intuitive Leadership Training
Powerful Woman Facilitator Training
Create Your Ultimate Lifestyle – Powerful Nutraceuticals
Catch Your Dreams – Vision Board Events in Canada and now Online
YOU Are a Powerful Woman Healing Retreat 

Hawaii Bliss Retreats
Infinite Wisdom – A Practical Course in Healing and Ascension. This course offers an Optional Intuitive/Healer/Facilitator Certification Practicum