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Aloha and Welcome!

It's been 30 years since I received a 'wake up call' that shook me to the core. My sweet little 3 year old son had a horrific accident that woke me the 'bleep' up! 

In 2010, I wrote a book about this experience, The Power of Sexy Relationships; Stories from the Heart to Live Your Passions and Embrace Your Purpose.

The book describes in detail what happened, the actions and steps that I took to move from a Hot Mess to a Powerful, Intuitive, and Creative Woman.

Tap Into Your Super Powers Here!

Our Intention  ~ We invite women to Discover their Inner Super Powers and Activate them into their lives. What do Women Really Need to Know About Operating Her Super Powers from Within.

Purpose ~ We are on a Mission to reach at least 4 Million Who Return to the Source of Her Power so that she can Climb the Mountains that reside within her Body-Mind and Around Her Physical Energy Field.

You Are a Powerful Creator ~ Everyone is called to  live with intention and Purpose. Are you are Open to the Deeper Dive into Your Life Work? Change Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions so that you can Create Your Ultimate Lifestyle! You're in the Right Place at the Right Time with the Right Women!

We Love Entrepreneurs! ~ Women are Rocking the Business World! It's your turn to Shine Your Bright Light into the World Around You and Beyond.

Our Vision ~ Is to Provide Women with the skills to Create Your Living Legacy as the Beautiful, Intelligent, and Powerful Women that you're meant to Be.

Create Your Magical Life!

Imagine how your life will be when you connect with your feminine power and consciously create every moment to reflect your inner dreams and desires. 

Imagine the level of energy you will have when you truly believe in your natural talents, abilities, and life purpose.

Imagine how your relationships will feel when you return to the source of your power and the impact you will have in the world. 

Imagine that you already have this power right here, right now inside of you. 


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Your Magnificent Body

Unlock the Secrets of Your Inner Wise Woman! Discover how your thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams and visions are here to Serve Your Highest Calling and Purpose. 

Dolphin Encounter Retreats in Hawaii

How would You like to Be in the Presence of Wild Spinner Dolphins? Nancy's been hosting these special events for over 10 years! It's so much fun!

Turn Your Fear Into Clarity

Fear is the #1 reason women stop short of living their dream life. How would you like to move that fear into concern and then move that concern into clarity? We create that event here.

Catch Your Dreams

This event is Designed to pick your dreams up off the floor and put them into your vision. This is a Zoom Connection via Zoom Video Conferencing. We love to Zoom into Your Dreams!

Big Announcements are Coming Soon!

When you meet Nancy, you'll soon discover that she is "Constantly Creating" and she has a Beautiful Vision for You!

She caught the Vision of a Global Self Sustainable Community of Women many years ago. Today, this is a reality available for all women anywhere on the planet. Let the Experience Begin!

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