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What is a Dream Board Event?

Way back in 1990, Nancy studied the Secret Principles of Metaphysical Creating at Unity Church in Everett Wa., Her mentors were Robert Egan and Stretton Smith. This was a Powerful Shift in her Consciousness. She immediately began implementing the Principles & Practices with her husband which "Blew Their Minds," as she likes to say. Her passion is to share the Secrets and Magic that lives Beyond the Veil of what you call Reality. 

The Circle & Community of Women ~ There is something Special that happens in the Presence of the Divine Feminine. It's time to reconnect with the women in our community so that we can navigate peace on earth from within. 

Dreams & Visions ~ All thought is Creative! Everything that you see around you began with a thought which someone turned into reality. Whatever you can see and believe in - you have the Power to Create!  

The Energy of You ~ You'll discover how to clear your mind of past limiting beliefs that you could be emotional energy blocks between your heart and your dream. 

Give Your Ideas Wings to Fly ~  When your heart is open and you're energy is flowing it's time to move and direct that energy into form. This is when you'll get out those pictures, journals, and embed them into your sub consciousness through intentions & Affirmations.

The Art of Creating – You are a Natural Born Creator! When you grasp this concept it's time to take the next step to become your own inner artist, writer, director, and producer of your dreams. What do you want to create, have or experience? Want to write a book, produce and event? Level Up Your Business to be seen by millions of people? Go to Hawaii? Get healthy? Find a partner or soulmate? 

Your Inner Super Powers ~ Did you know that you have access to Your Personal Blueprint to Success? What would you Create if you knew, wholeheartedly, that you were born with the Power to Create Infinite Possibilities? You are at the right time, with the right people, right now. 

Prosperity Playground ~ Do you wish that you were a money magnet so that you could live a life of Freedom  Fulfillment? Discover that a Prosperity Consciousness must match your beliefs & desires in order to attract the resources to fulfill your dream. Perhaps you know about the Law of Attraction. Yet, it's not a law, it's LOVE!

Welcome to the Prosperity Playground! This is a safe place for people who believe that you're thoughts, words, and actions need to be created in pure love & joy! And, you will unlock the Secret to Happiness and Dreams are Created here!  Come on, lets Create and Play!

Are you ready to create your New dreams & visions?

The Global Catch Your Dreams Event is FREE! 

Be sure to invite your friends to this Unique Live One Time Only Event!!

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You are a natural born creator!!