"The Power of Sexy Relationships ~ Stories from the Heart"


What's this Book About?

 Nancy Kerner is helping women around the world to know the truth about her relationships and why they struggle to find love, peace and happiness. Women across North America are joining together in a movement that helps them return to the Source of Her Power - which is within her heart. Now women can access the tools and information instantly enabling her to take her power back in the moment. A Sexy Relationship is about feeling good and being with people who love and support you to live your ultimate dreams and desires. Nancy has taken over 33 years of experience, wisdom and expertise in teaching the principles that allows women to give and receive love while co-creating healthy relationships that you choose to be in. 

Manson K., Washington 5 Stars!

Nancy Kerners 'The Power of Sexy Relationships' is a book of true stories about women reinventing themselves and overcoming their most challenging relationship issues including those with their 'self'. Nancy has assembled a diverse collection of real life experiences of, and as told by, women that prove there is hope for what appears hopeless, that happiness can replace depression, honesty is easier than deceit, and courage can drown out fear. Hope, happiness, honesty, and courage are powerful characteristics and the cornerstones of a 'sexy' relationship! 5-Stars, Manson Kerner

Kim T., British Columbia 5 Stars!

 Nancy Kerner's book " The Power of Sexy Relationships" is filled to the brim with Divine Intuition. It's an invitation to all women to re-define what Sexy means in a powerful and profound way. As we turn each page our hearts open to the simple fact that each and every one of us are Sexy, unique and wonderful. Nancy's book reminds and re-connects us to this Truth. It's filled with aspects of love, wisdom, surrender, fun, pleasure, goodness, laughter and joy..... These true stories will move us beyond our defined boundaries. Renewing and rekindling our own Passions and Purpose. Nancy's book calls to us to recreate all our relationships with the love and beauty of our own internal spark shimmering and touching all who share this life with us. As we celebrate each other by embracing our own Sexy Selves, we shine our Magnificence into every relationship we have!
Nancy's book "The Power of Sexy Relationships" is a special treasure book filled with intentional, conscious loving goals to live our lives by.

Mike V., Hawaii 5 Stars!

 I have never put in a comment before but I love this book so much that I feel that I have to. I'm only halfway through the book but can't wait till I finish it to talk about it. I have read many self-help books before but the honesty and openness of the author makes this book easily on my top ten list. She shares in detail how her life used to be before she learned how to listen to her intuition and access the wisdom of her body. She then explains how she moved from a state of powerlessness to one of power. I am so inspired by her story knowing that whatever state you are in you can get to a place of power if you only know the steps which she explains in her book. If you feel that you are not in control of your life and would like to regain control or would like to live the life of your dreams then I would highly recommend this book. This book would benefit such a wide range of people that I would recomend it to everybody I know. This book has definitely changed my life and I would like to thank the author for writing such a wonderful book. 

Sandra R., California 4 Stars!

Terrific book. Could hardly put it down. We can all learn from these stories. Her personal story made a touching addition. 

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