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Unleash Your Divine Feminine Superpowers ~ Create Your Own Magic ~ Personally and Professionally



This  ‘Experiential Course into the Divine Feminine Within You’ was inspired by the women who’ve already taken the deep dive into the sacred power of her intuition, inner voice and wisdom. 

Together, we’ve been co-creating a personal and global shift into radical self-love, wisdom and abundance. Self-Love Transcends Everything!

It takes courage to shine a gentle light on the beautiful wisdom that lives within you. The Women’s Divinity Code allows you to access infinite possibilities, with clarity and focused application. 

If you’ve been considering a change in your life direction, a relationship, launching a new idea, business, or you’re ready to honor, accept and appreciate yourself then this may be what your heart has been searching for. 

Are you ready to stop giving your power away to worn out beliefs, relationships, stories, and painful experiences from the past? 

Making decisions can be challenging. That’s why I’ve created a tool that allows you to transcend the mistakes, regret & remorse from the past so that you feel at peace moving forward in this precious moment. This is a gift that only you can give to yourself, and why I call it a present. 

You’ll discover that when women connect, open your hearts and speak your dreams and intentions magic happens!!

If you’re ready to live your divine destiny and passionate purpose, then we’ll show you what we’ve learned about Metaphysical healing and creating. This ancient wisdom is powerful medicine that is within you now.

Personal healing and intentional creating are when you can see beyond the challenges that you’re currently experiencing. You have the power to heal your mind, relationships, body, and the ability to create the life you love. If you want to land a new job, career, or be more abundant and prosperous, you can create that too!

Many of us were afraid of women, and we didn’t trust them. The most challenging part of the experience was making the decision to walk through the door. 

At first, it was an uncomfortable experience in our own minds, because that’s where all fear begins. Then we took a deep breath and stepped into a sacred space where we discovered what was missing in our lives. 

We were introduced to the Divine Women’s Wisdom within us. We discovered that it was deep and rich. We became Powerful & Prosperous Women and you will too!

Individually, and collectively, we returned to the source of our inner feminine power, which was missing from our lives. We lost our voices because we forgot the truth about ourselves. Yet, we received the gift and presence of being with healthy, nurturing, and loving women. It’s what’s been missing in modern society.

We woke up from a long deep sleep where we forgot who we really are. Then something magical happened. We woke up and reclaimed our bodies divine wisdom! 

We’re no longer distracted and disconnected from the voice of our inner wisdom. She speaks to us in a Feminine Tone that we can hear, feel, see, and intuitively know is a gentle, loving presence in our lives.

Are you ready to discover, and practice the secrets of the healers, practitioners, mentors, modern day shamans and grandmothers who opened the door for us? 

It’s already within you Sweet One, and you too will intuitively know how to Activate this Precious Wisdom.

We’ll guide you on a gentle, yet accelerated, transformation process from fear, doubt, worry, so that you can embrace the woman you were born to be!

The moment you decide to level up your personal growth and transformation…Uh-amazing things begin to happen. You’ll be surprised and delighted how fast you can shift from fear into love.

This breakthrough will allow you to bask in the afterglow of your inner renewal. It’s not hocus pocus ~ it’s practical focus. Gentle, soothing, comforting and simple to do.

You’ll connect with your heart and intuition that allows you to create incredible, often unbelievable experiences with a fresh new perspective. 

FYI ~ We personally know the value of sharing adventures, experiences and opportunities that you believe will enrich the lives of your loved ones because we do it all the time!

We call this the Happy-Grateful Heart Program. This is not a requirement, yet we thought you might want to know about it. If you decide to be part of our referral program you will be compensated. It’s for the women who’ve joined our program and you can decide if you want to participate.

Although it’s a choice to share your personal link that is provided to you, it’s your choice. Imagine going through this incredible course with your best friends and how much more fun it is to grow into your power together! 

Plus, if you want to create additional income for whatever your heart desires…then we’ll give you the tools and tracks to run on! 

This newfound inner power allows you to fly higher to create the experience you want in any relationship, project, dream or intention that you desire to see in your New Reality. 

Your inner guidance will seem as if you’re learning a new language that may feel foreign at first, and then more natural. However, most women say it’s like being called back ‘home’ to their highest self and calling.

The dance between the masculine and feminine energies are the key to creating anything and everything you desire.

By interpreting the messages of your heart & soul, you’ll intuitively know what your protective ego looks and sounds like. You’ll trust your inner wisdom and learn how to utilize that energy for your best possible outcome. 

Your inner warrior, divine masculine is best utilized from a place of power rather than force. 

Clear communication is essential in life. It’s much easier and more effective when you can see, feel, and hear the energy of your protective ego in relationships.

You have the power to heal or disconnect from any relationship. The wise woman learns how to navigate the important relationships that fulfills her life purpose. 

You’ll open your heart in a way that allows her to give other people their power back and to bless & release the relationships that you feel complete with.

You’ll be part of a women’s community that spans the globe in many languages and transcends the noise of the world around her. This sacred space is the beginning of a lifelong journey to honor, cherish and acknowledge the beautiful wise woman within her.

We use the gifts, rituals, skills, and tools that we’ve witnessed and radically changed in our lives. We know the pain of being controlled by people who didn’t know the truth about us. The truth is that we have a gift that we keep alive by passing it on. 

Breaking free from the grip of your own fear is a liberating act of self-care that requires commitment, support and a foundation of trust. Nancy has over 31 years of practicing these principles-rituals and she wants you to know that You’ve Got This! 

Your divine light will shine even brighter when you learn about your internal Superpowers!

You’ll discover how to navigate the people, places and situations that once kept you stuck while remaining true to yourself. You’ll intuitively know how to solve the problems that come your way.

Are you ready to reclaim your dreams, visions, and infinite ideas? Are you ready to create a magical life that is calling you? Are you ready to take a leap of faith? 

You have more power than you realize. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful radiance and reflection that you see in the faces of the other women. 

You’ll understand what we mean when we say, “I Am She and She Is Me.”

By the way, those challenges you’ve been facing lately, well, they’re your soul trying to get your attention to make a change, shift onto a different path, and believe in yourself in ways that you might never have imagined. She’s always sending you messages and perhaps you’re at a place in your life when you’re ready to listen.

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who makes the decision to join a fun loving, conscious community of women. Not just any women. 

Women who are divinely inspired to live her passions, reclaim her dreams and create an inspired life. 

You deserve to create whatever your heart desires in love, peace, and harmony with light minded women. 

It is safe to Unleash Your Divine Feminine Superpowers Now! 

In loving Gratitude for You!


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