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Mindset ~ Your Mind is Like a Parachute ~ It Will Only Work If It's Open! Are you Open to Discovering a Simple, Safe and Affordable way to Feel As Good As You Can Feel In Your Body? The First Step is to Be Open to Discovering a New Way of Living with Ease, Grace and Freedom within Your Mind. 

Our Mission ~ To Educate, Inspire and Assist People in Slowing Down the Aging Process with Nobel Prize Winning Science by the Smartest, Most Brilliant People on the Planet. We teach people How to Create Optimal Health, Energy, and the Ability to Thrive at every age and stage of Life. 

What We Believe ~ That the Aging Process Begins at Birth. The moment you are born your Telomeres begin to die. And, when your Telomeres are short - Bad things begin to happen! No amount of organic food can stop this process which is so sad! Yet, we have the Solution to support. your tissues and cells to regenerate and come alive!

The Pillars of Health ~ Nancy believes that women thrive in a safe, loving supportive community. Healthy Relationships begin with that first step. It may feel like a huge risk, yet when you land in the sanctuary of peaceful connections you'll discover something special. Nancy was 27 years old when she discovered the foundation to long lasting relationships was trust. 

Benefits of Good Health - Priceless.

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 Simply Say to Yourself, "I Am Open to New Possibilities that are a Fit For Me!" 

Testimonials For Slowing Down The Aging Process


Lisa E. 

Honolulu, Hawaii

"In 2014, I was eating healthy food and yet I was inching up to my highest weight. I knew that at 60, this was not a good thing and that exercise was an important element in my lifestyle, yet I didn’t have the energy to get up in the morning or to do it after work. 

Then I was introduced to some super-foods. I was hesitant, but trusted my friend, and was ready for a change. That was a life-changing decision. I started on the system immediately after the products arrived on my doorstep. I love these products!!! They have kept my body, mind and spirit in balance throughout stressful times.

Now in my 60th year, I am grateful that I have access to nutrition that will sustain my healthy body and mind for years to come. Fringe benefit…when I tell people my age..they are amazed because I look so much younger!!"


 Michelle B.

Seattle, Washington

"At 68 years young, retirement has been greatly enhanced in the past four years since I started eating this powerful supplement and 1 delicious simple to make in a few minutes, super-food meal everyday.

I have more energy and look forward to getting out for my walks, yoga, swimming with dolphins in Hawaii. I depart in 2 days with my girlfriends who are also aging backwards like me.

I'm excited to be healthy in my body with clarity of mind.

I've released inches, plus enough pounds to feel sexy again. My family and friends keep telling me that I look great. A definite bonus!"


 Cheryl T. 

 Cary, North Carolina

"In June 2014, at the age of 55, I was unfulfilled, toxic, had no energy, and overweight.

With the help of my childhood friend, Nancy, I changed my lifestyle. I have released 40 pounds and 52 inches and loving life more than ever! I am happy to say that I enjoy weight training, hot yoga, and running five days a week.

Today, I'm eating the best nutrition on the planet and have an abundance of energy!

I believe that anyone at any age can transform their life!"


When Two or More People Hold Each Others Dreams & Visions in Their Hearts ~ Miracles Happen! 

A Miracle is a Shift in Your Thoughts, Beliefs and Perceptions.