Infinite Wisdom: A Course in Practical Healing and Ascension


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You will learn:


  • How to Connect and Communicate in a Community that Opens Your Heart: You’ll receive access zoom calls to meet new friends.
  • How to Open the Pathways of Perception: You will open your mind to higher states of consciousness.
  • How to Transcend Fear to Embrace Love: Raise Your Vibration and Frequency with faster results.
  • How to Create a Foundation of Trust: Your inner emotional house will be cleansed of old beliefs that block your intuition.
  • Discover The Power of Commitment: Closing the back door of F.E.A.R. The Secret to Creating Awesome Relationships and Projects
  • How to Connect with the Source of Your Power: Remembering your ancient inner wisdom and its presence in your daily life.
  • The Defining Moments of Your Past: The power of your story is an opportunity for growth and expansion today.
  • To Shine a Gentle Light on the Many Facets of the Egoic Mind: Identify the ego’s presence so that you can manage it in your relationships, workspace, community, and purpose.
  • How to Access Your Bodies Emotional Energy Centers: Locate the parts of your body that are holding onto pain to open your meridians. Unleash stuck energy and allow new energy to enter.
  • How to Embrace the Future by Leaning into the Light of Pure Consciousness: This is the most exciting time to Co-Create the New Earth in Freedom, Peace, Love and Harmony.
  • The Dance of the Masculine and Feminine: Discover the gifts, qualities, and strengths in the dance and create harmony in your relationships.
  • Why All Thought is Creative – What are You Creating? Align with your lifework, highest calling, purpose, and fun-loving relationships that make your heart sing. You are a Powerful Creator!
  • Learn The Healing Power of Ho’Oponopono and Beliefs:  Bless and Release resentment, shame and blame with unique exercises and rituals!
  • Alternative Health Solutions to Big Pharma that work! How to heal your issues and tissues effectively and safely without harmful toxic medications.
  • Release and Dissolve Daily Energy Kinks: Recognize when you have Cognitive Dissonance and Access Higher Dimensions of Resonance.
  • How to Activate Your Intuitive Intelligence: Your Inner Wisdom is a Superpower utilized by Empaths & Lightworkers to Create and Manifest Dreams and Visions into reality.
  • Do this to Create Anything and Everything! This powerful template is to align your clear intentions with your desired results or outcome.
  • How to Ignite Your Passionate Purpose: This Portal of Truth, you will Activate the Supernatural Powers and Creative Intent!
  • The Prosperity Playground: Metaphysics 101. Life is Fun manifesting, healing, and playing with other Conscious Light-Minded Meta-Physicians. Think about your Humanitarian Projects.
  • Spiritual Awakening & Infinite Possibilities! You’ll fly into the 4th Dimension and Higher in Infinite Love, Freedom, and Bliss in the Golden Age.
  • Afterglow: You will experience the essence and frequencies of being a radiant light being.


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