The Power of Sexy Relationships: Stories From The Heart to Live Your Passions & Embrace Your Purpose


Stories from the heart to Live Your Passions and Embrace Your Purpose!


Nancy Kerner shares her real life experiences and the mind bending stories from courageous people. These people healed their relationships by returning to the Source of their Power. She engages the reader with real situations of the human quest for love, intimacy, and passion. The reader is pushed to the edge of their seat from heart break to transformational raw experiences that are nothing short of miraculous. Every relationship has a unique blueprint and purpose that is designed specifically for spiritual growth and expansion. You’ll learn why people with addictive behaviors and patterns struggle in their personal relationships. Using her foundation in 12 Step Recovery, Unity Church based Spiritual & Metaphysical Principles, and Holistic Health Training, Kerner, introduces the reader to their Intuition and Heart Centered Personal Power. This book will show you how to Create Intentional Powerful and Sexy relationships! You’ll stop creating problems and start creating solutions in your relationships with men, women and children.


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