SPECIAL Time Today @ 12 PM PST/2PM CST: Tartaria Crash Course and WHY it is a MUST!

SPECIAL Time Today @ 12 PM PST/2PM CST: Tartaria Crash Course and WHY it is a MUST!

Vital hidden knowledge from the past to propel us forward today! Join Nancy as she interviews Jane Evershed on the vast topic that has been hidden from our history books about the ancient empire of Tartaria.

Tartarians?? Is the History we’ve been told a lie? Were some ancient buildings built by a different race and their true history was covered up? Did ancient peoples have advanced forms of technology that have now been forgotten?
Was the massive kingdom of Tartaria visible on ancient maps much more advanced than we realize?

What’s YOUR take on it? Questions, let me know during the LIVE in the chat or leave a comment!

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