Surfing the Waves of the Great Awakening!

Join Nancy for her first Live Stream on Truth Talk America where she speaks from the heart about the Truth she has discovered over the past 35 years when she had a Spiritual Intuitive Awakening.

The Nancy Kerner Show is Committed to Shining a Gentle Light on Holistic Health, Spirituality, Intuition, Relationships, Prosperity, Family, Community, Interviews, and Heart-Centered Updates on Current Events.

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Spiritual Awakening of the Divine Feminine

“Catch Your Dreams” is an inspirational documentary about women who are transforming their lives by coming together in community. It follows motivational author and speaker Nancy Kerner as she works her magic with women all over Canada and the United States, teaching/sharing the power and wisdom of divine feminine energy. Nancy’s message is that when women heal her body-mind, the men, women and children will thrive in her presence.

The Vision
In creating this film we hope to reach women all over the world and inspire them to co-create their own “circles” where they learn how to connect to the source of their power, trust their intuition, create healthier relationships, and discover their life-purpose. Hear the stories. Join the journey. Help us bring “Catch Your Dreams – The Movie” to life!