Summary of Phil Godlewski’s $21T Q&A with Chris Kranske

Join Nancy as she and Chris Kranske do a “deep dive” discussion/evaluation of Phil Godlewski’s Question and Answer session on his $21T Document Reveal. Lots of answered questions to cover, like “Do we get a portion of the $21T in OUR accounts?” and many more!


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What Really Happened on 911 to the World Trade Centers and Building 7?

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May 31st, 2023 Are You Awake?

This video shines a light on Michael Jackson, Dr Christiane Northrup, The Sound of Freedom, Dr. David Martin, Frequency Healing, Military Activation, Faux Zelenski, GCR, Nesara/Gesara, Missing Gold, The Vatican, London, WA DC, Biden, Trump, Debt Ceiling, J6 Files Released, MTG, Hollywood, Underground Tunnel from Vatican to Israel, Stock Market, Blackrock, Community, Prepare and Stock Up, Solutions to the Vaccines, Nature, and more!