Women Connect

One Woman at a Time

Trust is the foundation of our Community. When you trust someone, you have the confidence to try new experiences. Find women you can trust.

Trust Your Vibes

You have a keen sense of Intuition. Find Mentors who have the Wisdom and Experience to Be Your Guide. Powerful Women are Heart Women.

You've Got the Power

You've always had it within you! This is a New Moment with Endless Opportunities! Be Who You Were Born to Be. You can Walk, Skip, Run or Fly!

Nancy's Vision


That there is a place for you to release your fears, heal your mind, body and life while connecting and having fun with light hearts in presence and spirit of joy!

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to Inspire Women Around the World to Create Healthy Circles of Women in their neighborhoods, on Live Videos, and at retreats.

We Believe they will transform lives, improve the quality of relationships, families and communities.


Nancy joined her first community of women in 1988 after a tragic accident that her son had which she writes about in her book. That experience set the tone for her to be in service and a messenger to the women she meets. 

 She teaches Women how to live a life of Passion, Purpose, Prosperity and Fun within a thriving community of women.